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ASM - Sprue cutting unit Knife


V1 - Standard component for cutting film sprue
V2 - Sprue cutting Knife can be moved to component by spring force or cylinder
V3 - Sprue cutting Knife - component adjustable by angle
V4 - Knife unit rotatable 180 °
V5 - pulling and pushing cut possible


Other sharp picture on request

air connection M5

mounting by channelnut XNS-5, cylinder head screw ZKS-5-25 on the profile MPP-30-30-N possible

Accessory parts:

Link > ZYS-5-5 - Cylinder sensor with plug
Link > ASM-MK - Knife - Sprue cutting unit
Link > SIM - Safety cover for knife
Link > PGS - Pneumatic Straight Hose Connector
Link > PWS - Pneumatic L Hose Connector