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SG2-P - Vacuum Cup with 2 Bellows (complete) PU


V1 - usable for curved surfaces
V2 - all Adapter with inside hexagon
V3 - easy Assembly
V4 - for Assembly with ring or hexagon wrench

Drawing / Table:

L = Vacuum Cup Stroke
M = Adapter
N = Holdingforce with double Safety and 90% Vacuum
holding force 10N = 1kg
O = Material

Adapter with female thread on request


Adapter ASG and Seal Ring PDR

Material: Polyurethan- Elastomer (PU)

Color: tan
Shore Hardness: 65 to 95 Shore A
Working Temperature: -40°C up to 80°C, short time up to 130°C
Flexibility: *
Abrasion resistance: ***
Oil resistance: **
Food compatibility: -
Application area: rough survace

accessory parts:

Link > GKF - Threadclamp Fixed
Link > GKV - Thread Clamp Adjustable
Link > 40 gripper arms for vacuum cups